This whale species has recently been discovered, but scientists say its population is under threat

whale species – In January 2019, a whale measuring 11.5 meters washed ashore in Florida, United States. Recently, scientists called the stranded whale a newly discovered species.

Unfortunately, even though the whale species was newly discovered, it turns out that its population is threatened in the wild.

New Species of Stranded Whales January 2019 in Florida

Scientists recently announced that a whale that washed up on a beach in Florida in January 2019 was a new species.

When found two years ago, the whale was underweight and had plastic in its stomach.

Initially, scientists identified the whale as a subspecies of Bryde’s whale, which belongs to the baleen whale. The whale is called Rice’s whale.

After being investigated, apparently the results showed that Rice’s whale was a new species of whale that lived in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Including Threatened Animals

According to a research report from scientists who studied Rice’s whale, it was found that there were no more than 100 whales in the wild.

Thus, Rice’s whale has just been identified as an animal whose population is threatened.

Researchers found this out by looking at Bryde’s whale data in the waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, where there is an undescribed type of Balaenoptera whale in the Gulf of Mexico.

Researchers themselves initially studied the undescribed whale in 2008.

When conducting genetic testing at the time, researchers concluded that Rice’s whale had a different skull than Bryde’s.

After this most recent study, researchers found several other differences between Rice’s and Bryde’s whale.

Whale Rice’s can grow to 12.8 meters and weigh up to 27.2 kilograms.

While Bryde’s whale is known to grow up to 15.2 meters and weigh up to 24.9 kilograms.

Right now, researchers are trying to learn more about this type of whale, my friends.

Based on the whale’s residence in the Gulf of Mexico, several things that threaten Rice’s whale include oil spills and ship collisions.

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