The bridal henna motif turns out to have meaning and prayer, which one do you choose?

henna motif – With the high interest in henna art for weddings, there are now many service providers or artists who can paint henna for various events.

So that it is no longer difficult to find it, the price also varies, depending on the quality of the henna used and the artist himself.

However, not many people know that there are actually different meanings behind the various henna motifs. The following article will explain some of the meanings of commonly used motifs.

  1. Henna floral designs

Flower henna designs are generally divided into two types, namely blooming flowers and buds. The meaning of blooming flowers is a symbol of the blooming of happiness due to a marriage that unites two couples and two families into one.

The bud is a symbol of the beginning of the life of a newly married couple. In order to become a flower, the bud needs to be cared for wholeheartedly so that it grows into a beautiful flower. In some beliefs, this symbol is also believed to be a symbol of fertility.

  1. Henna lotus flower design

The flower that is also often drawn in henna art is the lotus flower. In the culture of several East Asian countries, the lotus flower has a high philosophical value. This flower is a symbol of purity and beauty. Apart from that, lotus flowers are also thought to be able to open one’s soul and inner eyes.

  1. Henna tendril designs

Apart from flower motifs, plant tendrils are also used as accents for henna. The usual vine plants drawn are vines. The length of the stalks and the tapering of the leaves and flowers symbolize the age of marriage which is expected to last.

  1. Henna butterfly design

Butterflies are known to be beautiful animals, their beauty is often used as a motif on clothes, bags, to henna designs.

Apart from beauty, butterflies symbolize the transformation of a woman from being single to the status of a wife. It is hoped that the perfection of the butterfly metamorphosis also exists in married women.

  1. Henna bird designs

A bird is one of the special animals, so from civilization to civilization many tell about a bird.

In the context of henna, birds images are a medium for offering prayers to God. This is what makes bird motifs widely used, the goal is that the prayers of the bride and groom and their families and guests pray that God will grant them for the continuation of a happy married life.

  1. Henna designs for the sun

The sun has a strong meaning, which symbolizes the strength of the love of the bride and groom and its power to spread happiness to those around it.

  1. Henna designs for the moon and stars

For the moon and star designs, there is a special means in it, which is to get a baby immediately. These two symbols drawn side by side are a prayer for the protection and health of the bride and groom. For the crescent moon design, the prayer is that children will soon be blessed in their marriage.

  1. Henna water designs

Water is an element of life that cannot be separated from human life. Water designs that are commonly drawn are in the form of waves, waves, and water droplets. This water design has a meaning to purify the bride and groom.

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