Takaaki Nakagami shows off a new livery for MotoGP 2021

A day after the launch of Alex Marquez’s new motorbike livery, his teammate Takaaki Nakagami now follows at LCR Honda with main sponsor Idemitsu.

Broadly speaking, the Nakagami motorbike livery for the 2021 season is not much different from before. The Idemitsu logo is still the main attraction, it’s just that the design scheme is a little different.

In the 2021 motorbike the red-and-white color scheme is still being maintained. But at the bottom of the stomach, aka the lower fairing, now there is an additional gold color or like light brown.

This season Nakagami will use the 2021 spec motorbike. It is different from the 2019 spec motorbike he used in 2020. Although technically the engine remains the 2020 spec because in 2021 there is a technical freeze.

“It’s fun to use the newest motorbike, because in the last three seasons I’ve always used the previous bike. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not,” said Nakagami, quoting Crash.net, Saturday (20/2/2021).

“It’s very difficult to show my true potential, because the engine performance is completely different, and the new engine specs always have more power and speed,” he said.

Nakagami got the 2021 bike for his good achievements last season. The only Japanese racer on the MotoGP track managed to occupy the 10th position in the final standings.

“In MotoGP if you lose a tenth of a second on a straight back or a long straight it will be difficult,” he said. Nakagami moved to MotoGP with LCR Honda in 2018.

In the first season he finished 20th, the 2019 season increased to 13th place, and in 2020 he became the top 10 of the standings.

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