starfish coloring page printable

starfish coloring page printable – Sea stars are included in the Phylum Echinoderms or a relative with sea urchins or sea urchins. This one animal has a striking color or a little dark.

Their skin and bodies are of various types, from rough to prickly. Here’s a review of funny and cool starfish facts. Here are some unique facts about starfish that may not be widely known.

starfish coloring page printable

Starfish naming
Starfish are usually called starfish, which means starfish are irrelevant. In the world of starfish, this beast is also called Sea Star which sounds quite relevant.

Starfish habitat
Starfish live like most other echinoderms that live on coral reefs, seabed sand. They do not float but walk using small tubular legs like sea urchins and sea urchins.

Starfish is not a kind of fish
Sea stars are not included in the list of animals that breathe using gills. These animals also do not have a backbone or so-called invertebrates. So the starfish is not a type of fish.

Types of starfish
Starfish are animals that almost live in all waters of the world, including the archipelago. These animals live in tropical to cold areas, from shallow to deep waters.
So do not be surprised if the type of starfish reaches 2,000 types of starfish. Because their habitat is maintained and these animals are able to adapt to any circumstances.
Starfish Size
As we can see that the starfish that we usually find are quite small. But there are also big and heavy.
The starfish size ranges from 4.7 inches to 9.4 inches. The length is about 12 cm to 24 cm. weighing from 1 kg to 6 kg of course double the weight of the chicken pieces.

starfish arm
Most of you know that starfish have only five arms. But not all starfish have five arms. Some species of starfish have arms that are more than five, some even 10 to 20.
Starfish have no brain and blood
Maybe this is somewhat horrifying because starfish have no brain and blood at all. Unlike sea cucumbers, starfish do not have blood and their nervous system is spread throughout their arms.
Starfish like lizards
According to experts, starfish have defenses like lizards, because they can release their arms when there is a dangerous predator. In regenerating its arms, starfish takes a long time, namely one year.
Starfish have eyes

Of course, we are curious where the eyes of the starfish are. It is quite unique to know that starfish have eyes. Their eyes are on the tips of the fingers in the form of small eyes.
The use of these small eyes to observe the surrounding environment. Although their eyes only see light or dark, they are able to predict whether it is safe or dangerous.
Very slow animal starfish
According to research in Japan, Sea Stars are only able to walk about 30 cm in one minute. This is different from species such as Sea Urchins and Sea urchins.
Starfish live up to 35 years
This animal has a fairly long life of about 35 years. Starfish are beautiful animals and many people keep them in aquariums.

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