Squishmallow Coloring Page

Squishmallow Coloring Page – Remember the 90s baby hat craze? The Squishmallow madness is like that, but it’s bigger, better, and a lot sweeter.

Squishmallow Coloring Page

Kelly Toys Squishmallow is an incredibly soft and springy plush toy that ranges in size from a tiny 3.5″ to a comfortable 24″. New editions are popping up all the time, so Squishmallow has become a collectible item.

Squishmallow Coloring Page

The adorable Squishmallow became so popular that the company announced in February 2020 that it had sold 50 million. And they are still selling.

These are the most popular Squishmallows of 2021 and they are the perfect gift for Easter, birthdays, baby showers, or any occasion. Which one is your favorite

Leave it to Reddit readers to bring some Squishmallows into controversy, but Jenny the Cow is on trial for fakes. We’re a little confused, because this cute, squeezable pig with big round eyes and freckles in all the right places can be found on the Squishmallows website, or at least how it looks. That is wrong?

After all, Jenny the Cow is definitely not the only squishmallow cow, but she’s the only one that’s pink. Kelly Toys better cut the cuteness down before the next cow, Squishmallow, makes us cry.

Although this popular squishmallow was originally designed for Easter, it’s neutral enough to stay in your room all year round.

Her long, fluffy ears are comfortable to hold, and her soft, sleepy face might help you fly into dreamland too.

Unicorns may be an exaggeration, but rabbit kernels are the best. The pastel pink of the popular squishmallow is soft enough for any room but goes well with other pastels.

If you know someone who creates nursery-themed ballet in pink and light gray, this bunny makes a great addition to a baby shower.

Oh, look at the ear. The Harrison Dog Squishmallow is very cuddly and has classic teddy bear colors.

It’s stuffy neutral, but Harrison Dog is a very popular squishmallow for boys.

Sure, boys can like pink kittens and girls can like blue puppies, but puppies are still very popular in boys’ rooms.

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