Simple Easy and Beautiful Henna Designs For Beginners

Friend, have you ever used Henna? for women, you must be familiar when talking about Henna. The word Henna comes from the Latin for the Lawsonia Inermis plant which is pronounced by the Arabs as Hinna.

Henna plants can be found in countries such as Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Uganda, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Iran and Palestine.

Henna grows quite well in hot climates and is the oldest herb used in cosmetics. It is very safe to use, therefore it rarely causes problems when used, friend.

When talking about Mehndi is one way to beautify yourself apart from wearing make up or jewelry.

Mehndi can be used everyday, or plays an important role in Eastern culture, namely special events such as weddings which are still maintained by several countries.

beautiful simple henna designs

Even in the land of date palms, women generally have to paint their hands with henna before the wedding day takes place.

Now the function of Henna itself is not just a symbol of a custom, but also henna can be used at any time, as an addition to women’s makeup and now it has become one of the fashion trends that are currently developing.

a henna painter who is also of Arab descent, said he had the talent to paint henna from his family descent.

He has the ability because every member of his family still follows the tradition of wearing Henna during weddings.

He said, the function of henna has now been developed into a make-up or decoration for women.

Without wearing a bracelet or necklace, when wearing henna, women are considered to look more beautiful and elegant

Actually, Henna’s painting only consists of strokes of dots and lines, but now it has various kinds of motifs that make the hands even more beautiful.

henna small designs

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