Sasuke Printable Coloring Pages

It is undeniable, Sasuke is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto series.

Sasuke Printable Coloring Pages

The presence of Sasuke has its uniqueness for the course of this series.

So, what are some interesting facts about Sasuke Uchiha? Let’s look at the following facts!

  1. His academic report card score is very bad
    From Hyo no Sho’s Databook, we know Sasuke’s academic report card grades.

All academic grades are Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu grades all A with perfect scores.

Unfortunately, his non-academic grades are poor. He only got an F for cooperation in class.

Meanwhile, he got a B for attitude in class and C for positive in activities.

  1. At first Kishimoto didn’t want to make Sasuke
    Once again we have to thank the first editor Masashi Kishimoto.

At first, Masashi Kishimoto didn’t want to make this character, he didn’t even think about making a rival character for Naruto.

Finally, the editor suggested creating a rival character and Sasuke Uchiha was born.

  1. The character is inspired by Hiei YuYu Hakusho
    Kishimoto said that it was very difficult to create a rival character for Naruto.

He said that his inspiration was Hiei from the YuYu Hakusho series.

In addition to being inspired by the appearance and nature of his character, the power of the Sharingan is also inspired by the power of Hiei’s eyes.

  1. Almost all of his appearances have the music “Hyouhaku”
    Sasuke has his character music, one of the most famous of which is “Hyouhaku”.

This music is just a guitar that plays slowly and gives off a mysterious feel.

Do you know? In the anime, almost all of Sasuke’s early appearances must have this music played!

  1. The left and right hands can be used equally well
    You could say at this time Sasuke only uses his right hand because his left hand is stumped.

However, since childhood he was left-handed dominant, some scenes show him fighting with his left hand and also including using the Chidori on the left hand.

In Shippuden, he also uses his right hand just as well as he uses the sword in his right hand.

Well, you could say before his left hand was stumped, he was an Ambidextrous just like Minato Namikaze.

  1. Sasuke is considered very disrespectful to Japanese readers
    Some Japanese readers don’t like Sasuke because of his character.

Sasuke is indeed described as a character who does not care about his surroundings and is more concerned with his ambition to kill Itachi.

Since his family was slaughtered, his character has changed, well in Japan, Sasuke is considered to have a very disrespectful attitude, especially for older characters.

He always calls out direct names without honorifics like “-san” and so on, so for Japanese readers, this is very disrespectful.

  1. Sasuke and Sakura’s official couple is already known to the voice actors of Team 7
    Sasuke and Sakura are now officially husband and wife.

In an interview with Da Vinci magazine in Japan, the voice actors for Team 7 gave a hint about this.

They said that Kishimoto had told the four of them that at the end of the story Sasuke would pair up with Sakura, then it happened.

So those are seven facts about Sasuke that you may not know. What do you think?

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