Printable coloring pages for kids disney frozen

printable coloring pages for kids disney frozen- In terms of storyline, “Frozen II” itself takes place three years after “Frozen”, where this sequel tells the adventures of Elsa (Idina Menzel) who is looking for the origin of her powers with the help of Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven.

printable coloring pages for kids disney frozen

“Frozen II” is arguably packaged very neatly and answers fan questions about many puzzles that still leave curiosity in the first film. Not only the origin of the power of the Ice Queen, but this sequel also explores the dark history of Arendelle, as well as the mystery of the death of Elsa and Anna’s parents.

elsa frozen coloring page printable

Talking about the “Frozen” storyline, apparently, directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck recently talked about the possibility of a third series, “Frozen 3”. Reported by Teen Vogue on Monday (25/11), Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck said that “Frozen II” was the perfect ending for the characters Elsa and Anna.

“But we always say, ‘Never say never.’ I think what makes this special is that we both admit that we don’t want to leave this world. We naively discussed this because we like (these characters) and we get to see more of the story,” said Jennifer Lee.

The same thing was also said by Chris Buck, who did not want to rule out the possibility of a third series appearing. “I mean, nobody ever closes the door,” Chris Buck added.

Buck mentions that “Frozen II” has answered an important question from “Frozen”. Therefore, it is possible that “Frozen 3” will later answer many new puzzles that appear in “Frozen II”, or a mystery that has not been fully explored in this sequel.

“That’s what led us to find out what the (Frozen II) story was like a few years ago. ‘What if we could tell one complete story?’ A lot of things in ‘Frozen II’ answer some of the questions in ‘Frozen’, or questions that you don’t know about,” he continued.

On the other hand, “Frozen II” itself tells the story of Elsa’s identity and the conflicts that occurred in the past between Arendelle and the Nolthuldra nation. The various mysteries in this film are solved one by one as Elsa and her herd goes on an adventure to find the Enchanted Forest, which eventually leads the Ice Queen to Athohallan, a place where she finds all the answers she is looking for.

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