Even though it looks trivial, dandruff can also interfere with daily activities! This is a way to prevent dandruff from appearing

prevent dandruff – Dandruff does look harmless. However, dandruff that accumulates can interfere with our activities.

Therefore, we should know how to prevent dandruff. It turns out it’s not just shampooing regularly. Like how?

Before finding out how to prevent dandruff, we first know the causes of dandruff.

Causes of Dandruff

Here are the causes of dandruff that we need to be aware of.

  1. Body Condition
    A tired body condition can cause dandruff.

For example, there are many assignments and tests at school that make our bodies tired.

This fatigue can cause changes in hormones and cause our scalp to produce excess oil.

Yes, our heads produce oil to moisturize the scalp.

However, excess oil production can lead to dandruff.

  1. Rarely shampooing

Who doesn’t like shampooing? Wow .. you should immediately leave that bad habit, my friends.

We must be diligent in shampooing, at least once every two days.

Dirty hair can cause bacteria to appear on the scalp.

These bacteria are what trigger dandruff.

Besides, dandruff can also be lost with water, so we must be diligent in shampooing.

  1. Pain

Pain also turns out to cause dandruff, but not all diseases, friends.

Usually, this happens to people who have had a severe head injury.

For example, a hit or accident requires surgery to the head.

It can also happen to people who are very sick.

This is because the immune system is weakened so that it affects the performance of the scalp and dandruff appears.

  1. Use Unsuitable Shampoo

Some people have sensitive scalps, so they can only use certain shampoos.

If you don’t use the usual shampoo, dandruff will usually appear on the person’s head.

Apart from shampoo, other hair care products can also cause dandruff.

For example, conditioners, hair gels, and others.

That’s because these products contain lots of chemicals that can make your head itchy.

How to Prevent Dandruff

Apart from washing regularly and using a shampoo that matches the scalp, here are some tips to prevent dandruff from appearing:

  1. Don’t be sad for too long

Sadness can come when we suddenly get bad grades or after being scolded by our parents.

The sadness that has accumulated over time will stress us out. This stressful condition can affect our health.

Usually, stress causes our immune system to become weak, my friends.

This makes the body unable to fight microbes in the body, including fungi that cause dandruff.

Therefore, we are advised to avoid stress as much as possible. We can grieve and cry, but avoid it for too long to become stressed.

  1. Eating Foods Containing Omega-3

Friends may have read or heard that omega-3 is good for our health, especially for brain development.

it turns out that omega-3 fatty acids are also good for skin health, including the scalp.

If you lack omega-3 intake, your body will experience several problems, such as dry skin, dry hair, and dandruff.

We can get omega-3 itself by eating healthy fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel.

We can also eat walnuts or walnuts, soybeans, and chia seeds.

  1. Eating foods containing probiotics

Apart from omega-3s, we are also advised to eat foods that contain probiotics.

Probiotics can boost your immune system, fight allergies, and lower cholesterol.

According to research, probiotics can also reduce the appearance of dandruff on our scalp.

Probiotics are found in healthy foods, such as tempeh, cheese, yogurt, and kimchi.

some natural ways can be done to get rid of dandruff. Good luck!

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