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pirate colouring pages – You must have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, right? A film about a Walt Disney pirate that tells the story of the adventures of Jack Sparrow.

pirate colouring sheets to print

The film’s story is indeed fictional. But many things in this film seem to be inspired by many real events in the pirate era in the Caribbean Sea region

The facts about pirate life in the Caribbean are quite complicated because the pirates who lived around the 15th to the 18th century were also involved in the political constellation of colonial countries at that time, such as England, Spain and Portugal. as well as the Netherlands.

In that era, many pirates were also officially appointed as privateers by certain colonial countries. A privateer is allowed to attack and rob certain fleets.

Some of the loot was usually deposited with the party who appointed him as a privateer. Until finally the pirates entered the golden age during the Thirty-Years-War.

Captain Morgan, the worst pirate in the Caribbean

According to historical records, one of the most famous pirates in the Caribbean sea was Captain Henry Morgan.
He was a pirate who came from Wales who was also a Privateer of the British Empire who was granted permission to attack Spanish merchant ships and Spanish colonies in the Caribbean region.

Captain Morgan is also one of the strongest members of the Brethren of the Coast, an alliance of pirates and privateers in the Caribbean Sea region.

The film Pirates of the Caribbean calls this alliance the Brethren Court, a pirate alliance led by Elizabeth Swann when she fought the alliance of Lord Becket and Davy Jones in the At World’s End series.

Similar to Jack Sparrow, Captain Morgan also often recruits his crew on La Isla Tortuga, an island off the coast of Haiti. That said, the Brethren of the Coast is based in Tortuga.

One thing that makes Captain Morgan a big pirate in the Caribbean Sea is the size of his fairly large fleet.

He was noted to have had a crew of up to 1,600 when he attacked Panama. The assault he carried out in December 1670 when he attacked Fort San Lorenzo at the mouth of the Chagres River, on the Panama side of the Atlantic Ocean.

In December 1671, Captain Morgan started down the Chagres River towards Panama Viejo, a Spanish colony on the Pacific side of Panama.

It took Captain Morgan and his pirate crew 18 days to arrive at Panama Viejo. Captain Morgan also defeated the Spanish troops guarding Panama Viejo.

In that battle, the then governor of Panama did not want Panama Viejo to be seized by a group of pirates. Finally, he ordered the remaining Spanish troops to burn down Panama Viejo before it was captured by Captain Morgan and his pirate crew

Panama Viejo Ruins

Panama Viejo was never rebuilt as a city. Only a small portion of the ruins of the Panama Viejo have survived and can be seen. In 1997, the ruins of Panama Viejo were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

For those of you who want to visit, the entrance ticket per person costs USD 6. It only takes about 6 hours to explore the entire Panama Viejo ruins site on foot, read the historical clues and enjoy the atmosphere.

The place is not too baby stroller friendly, so for those of you who bring toddlers, it is advisable to use the shuttle / buggy facility that moves from one debris to another regularly

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