Pete the cat coloring page free printable

Pete the cat coloring page – Pete the Cat is a unique character, unlike any other cat, you’ll encounter in children’s literature. The narrator who introduces Pete and talks about him emphasizes how well Pete responds to life situations.

Pete the cat coloring page

Pete the Cat is a quirky, laid-back-looking blue cat, whose motto seems to be, “Everything’s OK.”

Whether it’s a new situation, missing something, or a problem, in the picture book Pete the Cat, Pete doesn’t get angry. Pete sings a cheerful song through every situation and everything is always fine because of his demeanor. Young children find Pete the Cat’s adventures funny and reassuring.

“Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” is interesting for many reasons. This is a clever concept book that focuses on numbers 1 to 4, subtraction, and counting down. The illustration prominently features the numbers “1”, “2”, “3” and “4” and the words “one”, “two”, “three” and “four”.

Illustrations also introduce children, perhaps for the first time, to what a subtraction problem looks like (example: 4-1 = 3). With lots of different colors on each page, kids will have fun identifying different colors and objects (“Show me the red button.” “Show me something else that’s red.”) for readers who share the book with them.

However, while all of that is well and good, it’s only one of the reasons I loved the book so much. First of all, it’s not just Pete the Cat’s buttons that are cool. Pete is a fun cat. I love Pete the Cat and I love the positive message his actions send.

Pete the Cat’s favorite shirt had “four big, colorful, round, cool buttons.” Pete loved the buttons and loved to sing to them: “My buttons, my buttons, / My four fun buttons.”

When one of the buttons slipped, you’d think Pete would be upset, but this cat isn’t. “Is Pete crying? / Geez, no! / There’s a button and a release button.”

Pete had just sung his song, this time about his three buttons. He had the same reaction when another button appeared and he went down to 2 buttons, and, then, a button and, then, a zero button.

Even though the last button was released, Pete the Cat was not upset. Instead, she realized she still had her belly button and happily started singing about it.

The constant repetition as each button is released and Pete the cat reacts to the loss means that your child will probably join the conversation before you drop to zero and will be happy to help you tell the story over and over again.

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