Minato namikaze coloring pages

Minato namikaze coloring pages – Minato Namikaze (波風ミナト Namikaze Minato), also known as the Fourth Hokage (四代目火影 Yondaime Hokage) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Naruto.

A ninja who has sealed the nine-tailed fox demon into the body of his son, Naruto Uzumaki.

After sealing and convincing the residents not to think of Naruto as a monster but as a hero, Minato died from the side effects of the move.

Minato is described as very similar to his son, and they have many things in common. Minato is a student of Jiraiya.

Minato is also the teacher of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara. Minato Namikaze has a wife named Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto’s full name follows his mother’s clan name, namely Uzumaki.

When Minato was at the Academy, his classmate and future wife, Uzumaki Kushina thought that Minato’s demeanor was unstable, unmanly, and unreliable. Kushina thought Minato was the same as everyone else who looked down on him and laughed at him.

When Kushina introduced herself in front of the class, Kushina said that she had a dream of becoming the first female Hokage. Then Minato said that he also dreamed of being recognized by the villagers of Konoha by becoming Hokage, but Kushina ignored it.

Years later, when Kushina was kidnapped by Kumogakure ninja, Minato was the only one who saved her based on the traces Kushina left behind in the form of strands of her red hair along the way.

After saving her, Minato said that he had always admired Kushina’s red hair which was considered strange by many, so Minato was the first to praise the hair.

That way, Kushina no longer thought as she thought about Minato all this time, and also felt that Minato helped her from being alone. From that moment Kushina fell in love with Minato.

According to those who knew him personally, Minato was a very talented child prodigy. He is a rare genius ninja. He graduated from the Academy at the age of ten and was added to the Genin team under Jiraiya’s tutelage.

Jiraiya was interested in training Minato and accepted him as a student, the moves Jiraiya taught, among others, taught him the summoning of animals.

He even believed Minato might be a child in the frog elder’s prophecy who would one day save the world. However, Minato entrusted the role to his son, Naruto.

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