lol colouring pages printable

lol colouring pages

lol colouring pages – Parents want to make their children happy and always happy. So it is not uncommon for parents to be willing to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to buy the things their children want. Especially when it comes to toys, it’s natural that young children like toys.

Talking about various toys, there is one toy that is viral and popular in various countries, namely LOL Surprise. This funny toy began to be produced in 2016.

LOL Surprise is shaped like a capsule, with a doll inside. But when you buy LOL Surprise, you will never know what kind of doll is inside.

Because of that curious factor, this game has started selling well since last year. In 2 months, LOL Surprise can sell as many as 500,000 pieces. Even LOL Surprise became the best-selling game in the United States at that time.

“Children like surprises, novelties, and this really ‘tickles’ their brains. They enjoy the feeling of anticipation before opening the toy.

Children also know that the contents in it are not something scary but in the form of adorable dolls, “said Rachel Barr, an early education expert from Georgetown University’s Early Learning Project.

LOL Surprise toys are still very popular among young children. Even the various characters of the dolls are made into various kinds of other products such as bags, pens and socks, drinking places, and so on.

Because these toys are considered quite expensive for the common people, many children have bought various other items with the LOL doll in them.

A LOL doll is a small baby doll wrapped in a surprise toy ball. Each ball has a layer filled with stickers, secret messages, accessories mixes, and finally a doll.

The secret most often found is the doll label that is on the outermost layer of the ball, rarely being the doll inside.

LOL stands for Little Outrageous Littles. The original packaging for the first LOL dolls (series 1) called them LOL Little Outrageous Littles, not LOL Surprise dolls. Then the label began to be changed to LOL Surprise. So, the ones labeled “Lil Outrageous Littles” were LOL dolls, just the early versions.

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