kakashi hatake coloring pages

kakashi hatake coloring pages – Losing the most loved or meaningful person in life is something very hard and not an easy thing. Kakashi is one of the people who have to feel this way, as shown in the Naruto series. The pain caused by losing the person he loved was the reason why Kakashi was always cold and indifferent to others.

kakashi hatake coloring pages

As we all know, Kakashi himself has had to live with difficult circumstances since his childhood, where his mother died and he had to live with his father, Hatake Sakumo. His father was a great Konoha shinobi, and his strength was recognized by the shinobi of other villages and it was said that Sakumo’s strength was on par with the three Sannin legends.

But his name had to be tarnished by something that was considered “embarrassing” in the shinobi world. His father was willing to leave an important mission, in order to save the lives of his injured comrades. Instead of being considered a hero, Sakumo was considered a traitor. The people of Konoha, including the person he helped, actually saw Sakumo as a disgusting figure.

Unable to bear the pressure, Sakumo finally decided to end his life. This is what then formed the young Kakashi as a quiet figure, closed to others, and someone who obeys the rules of the ninja. Even so, this actually took the people he loved. He had to clash with Obito, and the worst part was that he had to lose the figure of Rin.

With a very dark life path and also a very uncertain situation, lucky Kakashi managed to find the figure of a father figure in other shinobi. Not just one, but two shinobi at once. After Kakashi had to lose his father, he met two shinobi figures who formed him into a smart, intelligent adult, as he is today.

The first figure is Minato Namikaze. As the story shows, Kakashi is part of a team led by Minato Namikaze. Besides Kakashi, there are also Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha. The three of them are energetic and passionate young shinobi. Kakashi learned many new things when he joined this team. One of them is about the rules.

Minato – as well as Rin and Obito – has always held true to the belief that rules and regulations are not something that should be prioritized. The three of them had other thoughts about a priority. Many valuable lessons were taught by Minato to Kakashi, which eventually slowly made Kakashi willing to accept his father’s death.

Despite only appearing briefly in the series, Minato had a profound and profound impact on Hatake Kakashi’s life. That’s why then Kakashi sometimes pays more attention to Naruto, because Kakashi can feel what Naruto is feeling. He had been in the same position as Naruto, and at that time it was Minato who filled the void of Kakashi’s father role. Now it’s Kakashi’s turn to play the role, even though Kakashi is actually more of a friend.

The second figure is Obito Uchiha. Geeks may wonder why Obito later became one of the figures who filled the void of the father role in Kakashi. In terms of age, Obito is probably the same as Kakashi. However, with Kakashi’s figure who tends to be rigid and introverted at a young age, Obito becomes a figure who teaches Kakashi a lot of valuable lessons.

One of the most memorable – as well as popular – lessons is about how a shinobi should never leave his injured comrade behind. Contrary to what Kakashi’s father had experienced. However, as we already know, Obito uttered a sentence that has been heard everywhere that someone who abandons his friend is a person worse than trash.

In fact, the figure of Obito who had killed thousands of other shinobi lives, towards the end of his life still had time to give advice and lessons to Kakashi. Obito mentions that there is great power behind the sacrifice of a life. By surviving and living a better and more useful life, is a way to honor those sacrifices.

This is also what later became one of the factors Kakashi finally accepted his father’s death, and finally his heart opened to a different figure than before. It was only after the two of them – Minato and Obito – died that Kakashi realized how important these two figures were, especially in filling the role of father, which Kakashi could not get after the death of his biological father. Kakashi then understood why his father was actually a great hero, thanks to those two figures

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