indominus rex coloring pages free

indominus rex coloring pages – The first uniqueness of Indominus Rex aka I-rex is that it is a mixture of various species, from dinosaurs to modern animals, until reportedly there are human genes in it. For examples like Ceratosaurus, Giganotosaurus, cuttlefish, and even poisonous snakes.

indominus rex coloring

It reaches 13 meters in length and 5.4 meters in height. Approximately the same size as the king, T-rex. Dr. Henry Wu (the head of the In-Gen lab who was also present in Jurassic Park) said: “It’s designed to be bigger than a T-rex. It’s possible that the i-rex here is young and could still get bigger.

indominus rex coloring pages

Having roughly the same size, the I-rex is more powerful than the T-rex. His arms look longer and more muscular, unlike the T-rex whose hands are tiny and of no apparent use. Its back alone was reinforced with shields, as in Ankylosaurus. As you can see in the trailer, its mouth can open much wider than the T-rex’s, probably because of the snake gene in I-Rex’s blood.

As a predator, the roar was very important. In addition to scaring prey, the roar also serves to indicate that the area occupied is the property of the predator. The Indominus Rex’s roar reaches the same decibel level as a Boeing 747. In the trailer, it sounds similar to that of the T-Rex, only louder.

As a giant animal, Indominus rex runs quite fast, reaching 48 km/hour, or equivalent to the speed of a vehicle in urban areas. Humans will most likely lose quickly to I-Rex if chased

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