Husband tricks his wife into buying PS5 saying WiFi router

When it was first introduced to the public, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) form received mixed reactions from netizens.

Not a few of them said that the PS4 successor console has a shape that resembles a WiFi router, portable AC, to an air purifier. It didn’t take long for netizens to upload funny memes about PS5 to the internet.

But who would have thought that this meme would come true. The reason is, a man from Vietnam is known to have tricked his wife in order to bring home the PS5 console.

The man said that he had bought a 5G WiFi router, instead of a PS5, from telecommunications company Viettel.

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To convince his wife that the device he bought was a 5G WiFi router, he asked a shop employee selling the PS5, pretending to be a Viettel technician, to come to his house to install the 5G WiFi router.

It was even reported that the “fake technician” was asked by her husband to wear a Viettel employee uniform.

Until now, it seems that the wife is still unaware of the deceitful attempts made by her husband. Thus, the man’s “deception” was successful. Previously, a man from Taiwan also had a similar action.

After not getting his wife’s blessing, this man “desperately” cheated on his wife by buying an “air purifier,” which is actually a PS5 console.

However, the guise did not last long, because the wife soon found out about her husband’s business of lying and urged him to immediately sell the console at a lower price.

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