Henna Designs On Hands Easy

Henna flower designs can usually be divided into two types, namely flowers that have bloomed and their buds. In general, henna with floral designs is a wish for the bloom of happiness in your marriage.
flower buds represent a new beginning in life, which, like a plant nourished by love, is expected to grow with full fertility and happiness.

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Apart from flowers in general, there are also lotus flower henna designs which are quite popular in India and the Middle East. The lotus flower itself is not an ordinary design, especially for eastern cultures.

In various countries in Asia, the lotus flower is a symbol of beauty and purity. Depicted on a woman’s hand, it is hoped that she will look stunning and holy on her wedding day.

Apart from that, the lotus flower design is also said to open one’s soul and inner eyes.

Plant tendrils are also often used as inspiration for henna designs for brides. Unlike parasites which have negative connotations, tendrils such as vines and beautiful flowers can become a meaningful henna design.

The vines and their tapering leaves and beautiful flowers are a symbol of the long life of a marriage.

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Graphic butterfly wings and dragonflies are indeed natural beauties that often inspire henna designs.

Besides being beautiful, the butterfly and dragonfly henna designs have a special meaning. Butterflies are a symbol of the transformation that leads a woman to her new life after marriage.

Meanwhile, the dragonfly is a symbol of being reborn as a new woman.

Birds in general have unique spiritual symbols. Birds are a symbol of freedom and perspective in life.

But, specifically, they are also often considered as introductory prayers from the mortal world to the afterlife. Therefore, many brides ask for this henna design so that their wedding dreams come true.

Apart from birds in general, there are also henna designs inspired by peacocks which are said to add to the beauty of a bride on her wedding day.

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