Henna Designs Drawings On Paper

Henna Designs Drawings – Nowadays henna is getting more and more popular but do you know about henna? And the motive from which country? Henna is considered to be one of the oldest cosmetics in the world and has been used on skin, nails, and hair for centuries.

Using henna has been documented as far back as 9,000 years ago, which has been used by several cultures including India, Egypt, Africa, Sumeria, the Middle East, and throughout the Mediterranean.

It originated as a form of celebrating victory and fertility by ancient peoples but was also used in the mummification process by the ancient Egyptians. Henna was used by famous and illustrious historical figures including Queen of Sheba, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra.

According to different cultural backgrounds, henna motifs can be divided into several types. The most famous designs are designs from India, Arabia, Pakistan, and Africa.

These designs are the mecca of henna designs around the world. Several characteristics distinguish these motifs.

This Indian henna design is the most popular of the others because of its very diverse motifs. There are simple designs to very complex designs.

Simple designs usually have a large dot or “figure” on the back of the hand (dorsal) or in the middle of the palm.

The tips of the fingers usually do not escape either. This design is arguably easy and can be applied by beginners. Indian mehndi designs can also be very intricate and detailed, so it can take a long time especially for bridal designs.

In contrast to Indian designs, Arabic henna designs are simpler. The hallmark of this fig design usually consists of flower motif, leaves,

The distinctive feature of this design is that it does not fill the hand and is only in the form of a bold striped motif.

This design is quite popular because it doesn’t use up too much henna in manufacturing, and it takes a long time to wait for the henna to dry.

Similar to Arabic design, this African design is also not too contained. This design has simple geometric shapes consisting of lines, squares, and dots.

The space between the lines is not as loose as the Arabic design. this design quotes the hands and arms. This design is arguably simple but still beautiful

Pakistani mehndi designs are an amalgamation of elaborate versions of Arabic and Indian designs. This design is also more elaborate and detailed and is usually used by brides.

Usually, children use simple designs from this design in the celebration of Eid

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