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Mother’s Day is a day of remembrance or celebration of a mother’s role in her family, both for her husband, children, and her social environment.

Commemorations and celebrations are usually carried out by relieving mothers from domestic duties that are considered to be their daily duties, such as cooking, caring for children, and other household matters.

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While in America and more than 75 other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Mother’s Day (in English) is celebrated on Sunday in the second week. in May.

In several European and Middle Eastern countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8.

United States of America

Mother’s Day in the United States is held annually on the second Sunday in May. People of the United States celebrate this day to honor mothers or those who are the mother figures in their lives. Most people give gifts of cards, flowers, and eat together at homes or restaurants with their mothers, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, or foster mothers.


Mother’s Day in France is called Fete des Meres and is celebrated in late May or early June, depending on when Pentecost transpire
. Fete des Meres became an official celebration in France in 1950. likes in the United States, Mother’s Day in France also celebrated with gifts and meals with family.


The celebration of Mother’s Day in China is relatively new, it is usually associated with the Chinese tradition of devotion to parents. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May as in the United States and is celebrate eating together and giving gifts. Some people celebrate in unique ways such as running competitions in high heels and simulating the pain of childbirth for men.


Mexico takes Mother’s Day very seriously. Mother’s Day celebrations in Mexico fall on May 10. Giving flowers is a must, but the day is also filled with music, food, and often the serenade in the morning with the song “Las Mananitas” by the mariachi singer.


Mother’s Day in Japan also takes place on the second Sunday in May. For mothers in Japan, the day is symbolized by the carnation flower, which represents the gentle strength that the mother has. The children greet their mother by saying “Haha-no-hi” and give them flowers. The history of Mother’s Day in Japan dates back to the Showa period when Mother’s Day was used to commemorate the birthday of Queen Kojun (Emperor Akihito’s mother). The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in modern Japanese culture began in 1913.


Mother’s Day in Ethiopia is celebrated with a three-day festival called Anthrosht, which takes place in late autumn. Not only is it a celebration to honor mothers, but it is also a time to celebrate the end of the rainy season. Mother’s Day is celebrated by singing and dancing at a lively party. Traditional Ethiopian food is also prepared and all family members bring a variety of ingredients.


Mother’s Day in Peru, like other countries in the world, is celebrated with flowers and gifts and takes place on the second Sunday in May. An aspect that makes it unique compared to other countries is when thousands of people gather at funerals on Mother’s Day to celebrate mothers who have passed away.

Every country does have its own Mother’s Day history and celebrations, but their goal is, all the same, namely to convey their gratitude to mothers who gave birth to and raised them without any strings attached.

How about you personally? In what way do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day?

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