free sunflower coloring page to print

sunflower coloring page to print – Not only is a flower that has many functions such as a healthy snack and can produce useful oils, at this time, but the sunflower is also a type of flower that is quite popular as a gift choice for those closest to you.

sunflower coloring page to print

Besides wanting to give an anti-mainstream impression when giving a sunflower bouquet, there are some facts about sunflowers that make this beauty even more memorable. Here are eight facts behind the beauty of sunflowers.

  1. Coming from America

Like potatoes, tomatoes, and corn, sunflowers are widely grown and cultivated in America. Sunflower has been one of the mainstay crops in North America as an ingredient in medicine, food, food coloring, and oil since 3000 BC. After that, then exported around the world by the Spanish army.

  1. Requires a lot of sunlight

This fact about sunflowers may already be common knowledge. Yes, as the name implies “sun”, this type of flower requires a lot of sunlight to develop and grow well.

These flowers also grow for about 6-8 hours a day and some can even reach a height of 16 feet. However, sunflower height is not always the same because it depends on the type of variety.

  1. Follow the Sun

Have you ever wondered why sunflowers face in different directions? The answer lies in the uniqueness of one of the following facts about sunflowers.

This type of flower is said to have a specialty, namely heliotropism, or following the motion of the sun, from east to west. Flower buds and young flowers will face east in the morning and follow the sun as the earth moves during the day.

However, when the flowers are producing seeds so that the impact on the weight of the plant is getting heavier, then the flower stems that grow more mature will generally still point to the east. So it can be said that.

  1. Has a Healing History

Another fact about sunflowers is that they have a history of being healing flowers. In Mexico, sunflowers are believed to cure chest pain.

Some Indian tribes in America also use sunflowers as medicine such as the Cherokee tribe who use sunflower leaves as medicine for the kidneys, and the Dakotas who believe in sunflowers for healing chest pain and lung problems.

  1. Processed into Food Ingredients

In addition to beautiful flowers and can be used as a medicinal ingredient, sunflowers can also be used as delicious food. Sunflower seeds are very popular processed as a delicious snack that we know as seed flower.

In addition to snacks, sunflower seeds are also used as ingredients for various types of food, such as in Germany, which is processed into rye flour and used as food eaten with Sonnenblumenkernbrot, which is a type of bread.

  1. Consists of Thousands of Small Flowers

Each sunflower petal consists of many small flower petals. The petals we see outside are called ray buds, and they cannot reproduce. However, in the center of the petal, there is a seed that develops and has male and female reproductive organs that can reproduce and produce sunflower seeds.

They can self-pollinate or pick up pollen by the wind or be transported by insects. When the time is right, the little flower will turn into sunflower seeds which are often used as ingredients for making food. Sunflower seeds can be harvested if the crown on the flower has fallen and dried up.

  1. The World’s Tallest Sunflower Reaches 10 Meters

In the summer of 2014, former soldier Hans-Peter Schiffer held the Guinness World Record for the tallest sunflower in the world for three consecutive years. It takes a firefighter to help measure the height of this sunflower.

  1. Useful as Used as Washing Coir

Sunflower heads that have been empty from seeds can be used as disposable scrubbing pads for cleaning kitchen utensils or household needs. Wow, not only beautiful, it turns out that sunflowers have a lot of benefits

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