free printable rainbow fish coloring pages

rainbow fish coloring pages – The appearance of this fish is ok. Although the size is fairly cute, the movement is agile. About her beauty, do not ask. Beautiful and very interesting. The reason, this rainbow fish has a charming pattern and color. Very nice to see in any setting. Seeing the figure of this fish is like seeing a rainbow with a beautiful color composition in the high sky.

rainbow fish coloring pages

Rainbowfish or Glosolepis incisus ornamental fish, the longest measuring only about 15 cm. It is flat and has two fins on its back. The mouth is unique, similar to a tube. This fish has a non-aggressive character. Because it is suitable when juxtaposed with other types of fish, such as botia, molly, and Guffy. And, to get more satisfaction, rainbow fish are placed in a mini aquarium. Of course, an aquarium with high aqua space art.

This ornamental fish that has shiny and striking colors is endemic to the fresh waters of Papua. Mainly, Lake Ayamaru and Lake Sentani. Although actually rainbow fish are not infrequently found in swamps or streams where the water is clear. If examined this ornamental fish is quite a lot of types. Of course with a charming appearance. And, some types of rainbow fish that you need to know, as follows:

Rainbow Boseman
Like other rainbowfish, the boesemani has a beautiful appearance. The colors are flashy and the movements are agile. Its size is no more than 10 cm and has the Latin name Melanotaenia boesmi. It is flat and has fins on its back.

Rainbow balloon
One type is unique, short, and round like a balloon. Not strange, if this fish is called a rainbow balloon. And, consists of several types based on color. These include rainbow boesemani balloon, rainbow lacustris balloon, and red rainbow balloon.

red rainbow
No less beautiful is the red rainbow fish. The length is no more than 12 cm for the male, 10 cm for the female. The shape is flat and covered in a brick red color and has double fins on its back. Red rainbow is found in Lake Sentani.

Rainbow lacustris
Seeing this rainbow is indeed exciting. Because the color composition is cool. Not only classy, ​​but rainbow lacustris also has a turquoise color, combined with white on the underside of its body. Its size is only about 10 cm and has the scientific name Lake Polalu Rainbow Fish.

Rainbow maculoci
This rainbow fish appears colorful. The color of the dorsal fin is green, then the anal fin is red. And, the tail fin is also striking red. The body of the rainbow macaloci fish is dominated by a metallic silver color. On the back, there is a brown color and white color on the abdomen and a black horizontal line. The average size is 6 cm.

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