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goat coloring pages – The Anglo-Nubian goat is the result of a cross between a British (local) goat and a male goat from India and Africa. This goat was originally widely bred in England but is now worldwide.

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Anglo Nubian goats are widely developed for commercial purposes, such as meat, milk, and fur. The milk contains quite a lot of fat and butter 4.5-8 percent, compared to other types of dairy goats.

Goats that have dominant colors of white, black, brown with other color patterns are easy to adapt to the environment and can tolerate the heat of the sun, unlike most other goats.

Other physical characteristics of the Anglo Nubian goat are short fur, long and drooping ears, and longer legs.

Anglo Nubian female goats have relatively large udders so that they produce quite a lot of milk. An adult female goat can weigh up to 135 kilograms, while an adult male can reach 175 kilograms, so the carcass production is decent.

Quoted from the Ministry of Agriculture website, the breeding season of Anglo Nubian goats is longer than that of other Swiss or European breeds, so female goats can produce milk throughout the year.

This goat can be bred by knowing its characteristics. Anglo Nubian goat seeds and male and female. If possible, seeds should be selected from the offspring of twins, with the physical condition of the fur that is clean and shiny.

Prospective male seedlings must have a healthy body, relatively long, and not deformed. Chest deep and wide, with straight, strong legs and high heels. Strong and active appearance.

As with males, female seedling candidates must also be healthy, not too fat and not deformed, straight and strong legs and normal genitals. It is better to choose goats that have maternal characteristics and have normal characteristics, smooth, supple, and no infection.

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