Easter Bunny Pictures To Colour

Easter Bunny Pictures To Colour – Eggs and rabbits are two objects that are synonymous with Easter. Items in the shape of eggs and rabbits are often present in corners of homes, schools, and churches to celebrate Easter.

easter bunny pictures to colour

No one knows for sure how the Easter eggs and bunnies began. However, some sources say that the two symbols originated from Pagan traditions or celebrations.

Citing the Country Living website, the Pagans celebrated the spring renewal or the Eostre festival with rabbits or eggs. Both symbols are used because the rabbits litter very much in the early spring.

As Christianity spread across Europe, these celebrations were combined with the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection. Rabbits and eggs began to be used to symbolize Easter.

The Easter Bunny itself was first mentioned in the 1600s in Alsace and southwest Germany. Later, the rabbit was introduced to America by German immigrants in the 1700s. Since then, children have been waiting for the Easter bunny like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, Easter eggs began to be used as decorations since the 13th century. The egg is decorated with red as a symbol of the blood of Jesus who was willing to sacrifice Himself on the cross. Over time, eggs began to be decorated in various colors.

Citing the Times website, the rabbit is a symbol of fertility in the Eostre festival from the Pagan tradition. This is because the rabbit breed is energetic in the early spring.

Meanwhile, eggs are called as a way to confirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hard eggshell symbolizes the stone wall eating the Lord Jesus. Then, the egg symbolizes the new life or resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

Some have also attributed the rolling egg to the event of Jesus’ resurrection. Where the egg is a symbol of the stone barrier to the tomb of Jesus that was rolled away.

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