Cute Hamster Coloring Pages Printable

Cute Hamster Coloring Pages – Hamsters are naturally active animals and do many activities, from running around, getting into pipes, going up and downstairs, to digging. Ideally, hamsters can move outside their cage to be able to explore other areas. However, it must be done under supervision. For example, by limiting access in the house or room.

If you allow your hamster to play ball outside occasionally, avoid going near stairs, as the hamster could fall and be seriously injured. Of the various activities that are often carried out by hamsters, the one that looks the most dominant is their habit of running around on wheels.

Why do these hamsters love to do this so much? Launching Pet Magazine, there are a number of reasons that make hamsters “addicted” to keep running on the wheel, which is as follows:

  1. Natural instinct

In the wild, wild hamsters are known to run for miles in search of food. No different from the domestic hamster which can also run up to 8 kilometers at night. If your hamster doesn’t, it can become a problem because there’s no way to use up the energy it has.

  1. Boredom
    Being cooped up in a small cage all day can often make your hamster nervous. Therefore, it will run around on wheels in the cage. You can also occasionally let him run outside his cage, of course with supervision.
  2. High energy food Makanan
    Hamsters eat a variety of foods, such as sunflower seeds, which are high in energy. These foods make them hyperactive. Running on the wheel allows them to burn off this excess energy.
  3. No other games

If the wheel is the only game in the cage, chances are your hamster will become addicted to it. In addition, some also believe that running on a wheel fulfills their curiosity and love of exploring, which are natural for hamsters.

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