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Allosaurus Coloring Page – The meat-eating dinosaur the size of a bus, Allosaurus Jimmadseni, was officially recognized as a new species 30 years after its fossils were found in Utah, United States . The dinosaur, discovered in 1990, roamed the plains of North America about 155 million years ago.

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coloring pages printable Disney Princess – The Official Disney Princess Line Up is a media franchise owned by the Walt Disney Company. Until now, there are 11 Official Disney Princesses recorded. Disney Princess is taken from the characters of animated films produced by Disney. The 11 Disney Princesses are

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The Walt Disney Company or popularly known as Disney is a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate from the United States. The home of various cartoon characters to films is one of the giant companies ranked 150th, according to the 2020 Fortune Global 500. Disney’s financial condition is quite

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Sombrero Coloring Sheet – Many things are famous from the country of Mexico, such as food, traditions, to clothes. Mexico also has a characteristic thing, friends, which is their traditional hat called the sombrero. However, the sombrero is different from the hats we usually wear to protect our heads

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Pokemon Charmeleon coloring pages – Charmeleon, in the Pokémon game series, is the first evolved form of Charmander. Charmander transforms into Charmeleon at level 16. Charmeleon is the teenage form of Charmander, with a body size and weight that is twice that of Charmander, he can hit opponents with

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free easter colouring pages for toddlers – The egg and rabbit tradition has its roots in Pagan beliefs that are completely unrelated to Christian traditions, honoring the day of Jesus’ death and resurrection. According to the University of Florida’s Center for Children’s Literature and Culture, the origins of the

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Easter Bunny Pictures To Colour – Eggs and rabbits are two objects that are synonymous with Easter. Items in the shape of eggs and rabbits are often present in corners of homes, schools, and churches to celebrate Easter. No one knows for sure how the Easter eggs and bunnies

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pirate colouring pages – You must have watched Pirates of the Caribbean, right? A film about a Walt Disney pirate that tells the story of the adventures of Jack Sparrow. The film’s story is indeed fictional. But many things in this film seem to be inspired by many real

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lol colouring pages – Parents want to make their children happy and always happy. So it is not uncommon for parents to be willing to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to buy the things their children want. Especially when it comes to toys, it’s natural that

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Among us coloring pages – Among Us game development company, InnerSloth has officially announced the release date of the game’s newest map. Later, this new map will be able to be played by all players via the PC, iOS, Android, and Switch platforms. Meanwhile, InnerSloth gave the official name