Australians can no longer read news from Facebook

Facebook prohibits Facebook users and news creators (media companies) in Australia from viewing or sharing news content on the Facebook platform.

This is done for the sake of following the rules applicable in the “Kangaroo Country”. It is known, the Australian government made a rule for Facebook to pay media companies, if their content is shared or used on Facebook.

Facebook actually has the option to stick to the rules, but they seem to prefer to block news content entirely.

“The law in force in Australia actually misrepresents how content from news creators is spread on Facebook,” Facebook said in an official announcement, quoted by KompasTekno from TheVerge, Thursday (18/2/2021).

“This raises two options, namely following the applicable regulations, or blocking all news content in Australia. With a heavy heart, we choose the second one,” wrote Facebook.

Although the move by Facebook appears to be exclusive to Australia, all Facebook users, as well as international media companies, will also be affected. Facebook users outside Australia, for example, will not be able to see news posts from Australia, or share news originating from that country on Facebook.

As for international media companies, the news they post on Facebook will not be visible to Facebook users in Australia. As a result, the number of readers may be reduced.

Meanwhile, Australian users will not be able to share or view news content, both local and international, on the Facebook service. This also applies to all media companies based there.

Does not have an impact on business. So, in order for this policy to run smoothly, Facebook said it uses a variety of technologies so that blocked content is news originating from Australian media companies.

They also claim that this policy will not affect other Facebook services in Australian territory, nor will Facebook’s revenue from a news business standpoint.

The reason is, of all content viewed by users on the News Feed, news content is claimed to only amount to 4 percent.

However, this may have a slight impact on Australian media companies who rely on Facebook as a channel to share their news for profit.

Because, Facebook noted, media companies in Australia as a whole have benefited from the content they broadcast on Facebook up to 407 million Australian dollars, or around Rp 4.4 trillion.

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