Apple Officially Launches iOS 15 at WWDC 2021

Apple officially revealed the presence of its newest operating system, iOS 15 at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) event on Monday (7/6/2021), at 10:00 local time.

In iOS 15 this time, Apple introduced many new features and improvements in terms of security for the privacy of its users.


FaceTime is the first app that Apple has revealed will get some updates. The company redesigned this video calling application by offering grid view and portrait mode options.

Regarding audio when making FaceTime calls, the company also offers a Spatial Audio feature that can “muffle” unwanted sounds so they won’t interfere with FaceTime chats.

Apple also introduced FaceTimelink which allows users to invite their friends to chat.

Interestingly, this feature is not only limited to Apple device users, Android and Windows users can also join the conversation on FaceTime by opening the link in their browser.

FaceTime capabilities are more interesting and fun to share with friends through the SharePlay feature. With this, users can share screens to listen to music and watch movies together while FaceTime-ing.

This feature can be used for Apple services, and several third-party applications, including Disney+, upstream, HBOMax, TikTok, and others.

Messages in iOS 15 introduce users to new ways of sharing content, such as pictures, music, podcasts, and articles on Apple News.

Users can pin shared content to the front page even more easily.


Apple also revamped the design of notifications in iOS 15. Now, a notification summary will appear that presents information based on how users interact with the app.

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ status will now be shown to contacts in Messages. There are also alternative status options, such as “Focus” which serves as a user-configurable state for notifications.

Photos will now feature a “Live Text” feature, which allows users to highlight and select text in images.

Live Text also works in other apps, like Apple News. In iOS 15, Photos will also show up in Spotlight search and Apple Music songs integrated into Photos.

Memories stored in Photos can also be synced with videos and pictures and can be configured with smartly selected songs from Apple Music.

The app will now appear with a new design, high-resolution in-app maps, and new background animations.

Weather will change its appearance based on weather conditions in the real world where you are and its surroundings.


Maps provide a more detailed 3D and globe view of several cities. There are new road details to help drivers and more information on the Transit view.

Maps will now also automatically follow users during transit routes and can remind you when to get off, as well as offer more detailed directions.

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