A viral video of a Texas lawyer becoming a celebrity in ‘hours’ of turning his face into a cat on the Zoom app while attending an online trial

Ponton expressed surprise but also that he was happy that his Zoom video was viral and became a global sensation. This video is uploaded to the internet and has been watched a million times.

“[To be honest] I didn’t understand that Zoom [turned out] could turn me into a cat. I still didn’t understand that Zoom’s cat filter could turn me into a celebrity on the internet. It all happened in a matter of hours,” Ponton said in an interview with the BBC.

Ponton explained that he used his secretary’s computer when he joined a trial session which was held online with the Zoom application.

Somehow the cat filter appeared, and immediately replaced his face, with the appearance of large eyes, as if he was worried.

As his assistant tried to solve this technical problem, he said – and could be heard by everyone present – “I’m still here [still online], I’m not a cat.”

To the BBC, Ponton said that I entered Zoom, everything was normal. “I can see my photo while waiting for the judge to join,” said Ponton.

But when the judge had started the trial, his photo suddenly disappeared. “[And] a cat appeared, I was shocked too,” he said.

Judge Roy Ferguson shared this video on social media and advised Zoom users to turn off the filter before entering the virtual trial.

Ponton said that in the case that happened to him, the judge could understand and did not really take it as a serious matter.

“I think anyone who is technologically illiterate when using a computer or Zoom will understand that something like this could happen,” he said.

At first he was worried that he would be flooded with emails and phone calls after the video went viral.

But he said, what happened to him was like “rice that has turned into porridge”. In Texas, there is a saying “toothpaste that has come out can no longer be put in the package”.

“Well, if the video is viral, just enjoy it,” said Ponton.

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